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25 April 2011 @ 05:21 pm
Aesthetic Perfection + Faderhead @ Das bunker !  
Great fucking show Friday night.

I took a butt-load of pictures and video (the videos I still have to upload). I got to meet Mr. Faderhead even. Ahaha

It took 2 days to recover, I was sore all over. Totally worth it though!

Getting boozed up for the ride to LA!

Made it to LA. Spotted our first sign of life. Hobo garbage. The hobo apparently was eating the skin off the pineapple. We agreed he must've been on too many drugs to even notice bleeding gums as he bit trough the tough skin.

After chatting and meeting people in the lobby/bar/lounge area, we move on to the EBM room to catch Faderhead!

He was planning on pouring vodka all over the audience, but since this venue was 18+ instead of 21+ he was asked not to. :(

Soon enough, Faderhead's set was over. As they were setting up the stage for AP, we all danced to the music that was being played.

Then, Aesthetic Perfection soon takes the stage.

Gotta love that, "Praise me I am God" pose. ;)

After that set my throat was definitely sore. I was all sweaty and my feet ached. But damn, it was fuckin' worth it. It always is. Aesthetic Perfection came back on for one more song because the audience demanded an encore. That last song was Spit it Out. The first song I danced to at Bunker when I first came there last September. <3

We moved out to the lobby to relax on the sofas and chat with more people. We saw fuckin' Joe Letz and Trevor of Combifuckingchrist just hanging around. I wanted to get a picture with Joe, but I was too shy and didn't want to bother him and his buddies, since this isn't even a Combi show, ya know! Later on, like I said I got to talk to Faderhead. That was a pretty hilarious conversation, I must say. I had alcohol in my system, so what'd you expect?

In the lobby of the girls restroom. Picture time, why not?!

Then some random lady comes out of the toilet area and wanted to take photos of us. Thanks random lady! She tells us her hubby is a photographer. She had trouble working my camera though.

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